Congregate, Collaborate & Celebrate!

2020 changed the world - It's time to gather, learn, and share  the positive lessons on how to grow and thrive in 2021.

12 Innovators

 Interactive Sessions

Uninterrupted networking

Join a community

Are you ready to
pivot in 2021?

Prepare yourself to gather with like minded people, who'll be sharing their successes, and hard won lessons on how they pivoted their business - and their life.

We all experienced some tough life lessons in 2020, and the business sector was equally challenged - yet there were a number of people who led change in their own life and businesses, pivoting to leverage themselves for success. We've assembled a small number of these individuals to share how they redefined success, and how you can follow in their footsteps.

We're combining inspirational speakers with an invigorating message alongside short, powerful workshops that will help you learn how to jumpstart your year. You'll leave this event with blueprints to set foundations for growth and prosperity throughout 2021 and beyond! 

"2020 is not defining this year. We are taking back control and defining it."

This is not a webinar.
This is a live digital event.

Leveraging the power of Airmeet.com, we are able to host a truly interactive live event, allowing you to break free of the traditional locked in presentations and workshops. You will be free to network with anyone at any time, interact with our visionary speakers, and brainstorm with a community of likeminded change agents.

What you will experience?

• Stories and lessons in reinventing you business

• Experience the event their way: drop in and out of sessions, or network with peers and experts for the entire duration

• Intimate group workshops to build practical skills

• Speaker and Sponsor booths provide free resources, discounted packages, plus coupons and giveaways 

• Network via voice and camera with anyone, at any time, leveraging the flexibility of intimate virtual tables

Our Speakers to inspire you

Michael Wood

Hear his story of transformation, from a rockstar, to successful entrepreneur, to overnight small business champion.

Jolene Hung - Financial Friend

Jolene inspires audiences to let go of fears and doubts that hold them back from making wise financial choices.

Jarrod Goldsmith - eSAX

Jarrod Goldsmith is a Canadian small business community builder and is the embodiment of the small business spirit. An archaeologist and musician by education, he is one of Ottawa’s best-known entrepreneurs and founded eSAX (The Entrepreneur Social Advantage Experience); Ottawa’s largest entrepreneur networking community for small business.  Jarrod has pivoted to hosting virtual events for others

John Verdon

Foresight Shaman, Mytho-poet,
Interested in everything
Focused on the alchemy of cultural change. What institutions will arise in the digital environment?

Kimberly Day

I help entrepreneurs get more clients & make more money by publishing a book & using it to grow their business!

Mike Sturm

An ex-academic, with extensive experience in sales and marketing, who is dedicated to the mission of helping people become more productive and more connected to their work.

Workshop hosts to teach you new skills

Scott Rust - CEO Intuity Performance

Working from home has brought on a new set of challenges to the way we work. This virtual workshop is designed to help participants create an optimal routine working from home and realize the Self-Management Habits they need to optimize their performance.

Micheal Pacitto  - CEO of Market Pie

When your business changes, you need to get going quickly. Mike will walk you through how to make a marketing plan that you can action on quickly.

Matt Thibeau - CEO Savant Marketing

Matt teaches entrepreneurs how to create an offer that your market cannot refuse. Incredibly useful when starting a new venture!

Rob Campbell - Talking to your Tribe

The landscape and logistics around networking have changed immensely in today’s business environment.  Knowing how to network effectively has become more important than ever.
Learning how to Talk to the Tribe will help you to supercharge your business networking results.

Debra Eckerling

Goal-Setting Simplified

To get what you want, you need to know what you want. In this session, Goal-Setting expert Debra Eckerling will take you through The D*E*B Method, so you can set achievable goals and set yourself up for success. 

Jon Moore - The Asset

Jack of All Trades, Master of Some

Learn how to use a few tools to improve your digital presence during online meetings and events. Combine these techniques with some cheap services to create an irresistable landing/booking portal to start capturing leads and booking your next client

Join us in building a new online experience